In-House Interview

A Unique and Innovative Approach to Interviewing

Pioneer of the “In House Interview” concept.

Columbia Search Partners will make available our comfortable facility as a neutral site for interviewing our prescreened selection of highly qualified candidates. We refer to this process as an “In-House Interview” and feel that it provides the following potential advantages to our clients:

Immediate Comparison Of Candidates
In the typical interview process, the days and weeks that pass between interviews make it very difficult to remember candidates’ qualifications for comparison and increase the likelihood of losing strong candidates during the delay. Our “In-House Interview” procedure reduces the possibility of this occurring.

Reduced Time Required To Evaluate Candidates
You can accomplish in one day a group interview that would take weeks to coordinate and complete on an individual basis.

Confidentiality When Sensitivity Dictates
Rather than parading candidates through your facility, generating rumours and creating insecurity within your organization, you can ensure confidentiality by conducting interviews in our comfortable facility.

Elimination Of Interruptions In The Workplace
In addition to reducing your interview effectiveness, interruptions make a very negative impression on the candidate and can damage your company’s image in the mind of the candidate. Conducting the interviews in our facility will eliminate such interruptions.

Reduced Cost
By bringing only finalists to your facility, you not only save travel expenses but avoid the wasted staff time involved in touring, interviewing and entertaining non-finalists. In addition, more time can be devoted to effectively selling your company’s virtues and the career opportunity to the finalist.