Completing Applications

Most positions will require that you complete an application for the Human Resource Department. Pay attention to the following tips:

  • Remember to bring a blue or black pen.
  • Have dates, names, addresses and telephone numbers on your resume or a card and bring it with you.
  • Read all the instructions carefully.
  • Complete every section of the application. If an item does not apply put N/A (not applicable).
  • Print clearly. Be able to state the nature of your work at each job. State honestly, but as positively as possible, your reason for leaving your previous job.
  • Make sure all words are spelled correctly and check your grammar.
  • Tie in any prior experiences to the potential job’s demands.
  • Check to see if a signature is required.
  • Should there be any questions of the person receiving your application, include another clean copy of your resume.
  • For references, list that you “can provide at a later date”.  Provide your references to your Columbia Search Partners professional Recruiter.  He will coordinate with the company to conduct reference checks.
  • For salary information only list what you are currently earning.  Do not list what salary you are seeking.

Remember, interviewers can get a sense of who you are from how honest, detailed, neat, well-prepared, complete and accurate you are in filling out the application.