The Picture Frame

Use the Picture Frame approach to answer the most common of interview requests: “Tell me about yourself.”

  • Be concise (limit your response to two minutes or less)
  • Be informative (“sell” yourself, without bragging)
  • Use it to prompt a dialogue about you and the position

Summary Statement

Personal Statement of Management Style and Career Ambitions

Credentials (Degrees, Technical Training, Certifications, etc.)

Major Responsibilities and Accomplishments


Summary Statement


“I have spent twelve years in Materials Management, with particular emphasis on strategic planning, purchasing, and inventory control. My experience has been in electronics, plastics and metals, with companies such as Motorola, GE and Hewlett-Packard.” “I have a degree in Business Administration from Michigan State University, an MBA from the University of Georgia, I am APICS-certified, and I am currently pursuing my CIRM certification. I have attended the Crosby Quality College and the Chester Karrass seminar on Negotiating Skills.”


Major Responsibilities

Personal Statement

“I have managed as many as forty-five people in Materials Management organizations, have had multi-plant responsibility, and have had procurement experience in the Far East and Europe. I have taken part in three MRPII systems implementations, and have extensive experience with EDI, JIT, KanBan and Demand Flow Technology.” “People tell me that I am an excellent manager, thorough, focused on the Big Picture, and dedicated to my job and my company. I enjoy the field of Materials Management, but I would like to eventually move into an Operating role as a Plant Manager or GM.”